Pupils’ Testimonials

"Superb teacher who I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their grade. She is both fast and efficient at teaching and has been there for me 100% of the time."

Alessio P - Year 11, Online

"Dina explains the topics with great patience. She plans each lesson before hand and sets homework which shows that she is not just a tutor and she cares about her student to understand each topic well. So, I would definitely recommend her."

Kiana E, Year 13 – (Online)

"Dina is a great tutor and explains everything I don’t understand in detail. She is very easy to work with and provides a challenge which is essential to my learning."

Steven D, Year 11 – Normanton, Derby

"My time with Dina in tuition was really helpful for me as I not only got to learn new things but also learnt how to better my skills in Maths and new techniques that made it a lot easier for me to reach answers. Deeply thankful to Dina and highly recommend her tuition." (Went on to get a grade 8)

Ayisha J, Year 11 - Mickleover, Derby

"I would just like to say thank you so very much for all your help with my Maths over the last 2 years. The way you teach make it easier to learn and understand as well as those methods to get through a question quicker and easier. Without your kind and patient tuition, I would never have passed my GCSE. Now thanks to your help, I’ll be starting my Art course at Derby College. Thanks a million!"

Wendalyn W, Year 11 - Alvaston, Derby

"Dina has been an excellent tutor and has helped me a lot in Maths especially with my confidence. Dina has helped me understand a lot of things that this time last year I couldn’t do. She is a motivational and supportive tutor who always encourages you to do and be your best."

Mia O, Year 12 - Littleover, Derby

"My Maths tuition has helped me way more with my Maths and it helped me to understand more about different topics."

Bea B, Year 8 - Alvaston Derby

"I am smarter since I’ve had Mrs Grimes and now I am smarter than my Dad too. 😊 I also help my sister with her homework." (At this point, Andre attained a level higher than his target grade.)

Andre C, Year 8 - Sinfin, Derby

"I would like to thank Dina, my Maths tutor as she has enabled me to gain confidence in my own ability in Maths which in turn has helped me achieve the grades I was hoping for. This is very much appreciated and I could not have done this without her help. Thank you so much Dina."

William W, Year 11 – Hilton, Derby

"From the moment Dina walked through the door, I have never looked back. Her unique quirky sense of teaching and passion about the subject has really taken my Maths from strength to strength. I would thoroughly recommend Dina to anyone who is looking to have a Maths tutor." (Got an A* Level 3 in the Common Entrance.)

Ethan B, Year 9 - Repton

"I am writing to tell you that I got an A* in Maths and so I just wanted to say that I am incredibly grateful for all the help that you gave me. You have helped me to get into the college so that I can go on to do the course I want to do."

Matthew T, Year 11 - Allestree, Derby

"I have loved my tuition so far! Mrs Grimes makes learning fun! The lessons are fun and I benefit from the lesson. I enjoy Maths now! Also Mrs Grimes is nice and friendly!"

Priya D, Year 9 – Littleover, Derby

"I went from a level D in previous exam to a B in a few months which is obviously great!"

Daisy B, Year 11- Repton

"Learned a lot from Dina. I have gained a lot of confidence. She clearly explains everything to me and has helped me learn a lot more."

Joy B, Year 11 – Hilton

"When my Maths grades were suffering, I decided that I could use some extra tuition. I achieved a C grade at AS Maths and with Dina’s tuition my final level grade is an A. I’m very happy with how everything has turned out! Dina has made the parts of Maths I didn’t understand simple by breaking it down and making it stick into my brain. Thank you so much!"

Joe Bird year 13 A Level – Stretton, Burton

"Dina has changed my life. Since we began, I have improved in Maths and with her help I am more confident. Before, I was just reaching a level 4. With her I have reached level 5 in a few months. I would strongly recommend Dina as I am sure she will help like she with me and with her help you will be able to improve in Maths."

Subhan Ahmed, Year 11 – Allestree, Derby

"I did very well in my Maths exam having got an A which is what I need to get into my apprenticeship. Thank you very much for your help."

Macauley K, Year 11- Littleover, Derby

Parents’ Testimonials

"Dina went through all the topics I did not understand. She explained them clearly and in away I could understand. She gave me tasks to complete, explaining them if I did not understand. She was very friendly and open so I could ask the questions I needed to. She was well prepared and taught me what I needed to know for my GCSE exam. Dina made me feel at ease."

Laura F, Year 11 – Allestree, Derby

"Dina is a fantastic tutor for my 15 year old daughter. She has been coaching my daughter weekly for a few months now. She gauges the amount to challenge and stretch perfectly – so that every session my daughter always feels she has achieved and learnt something – that something has clicked. Dina has really helped her to improve her confidence and she listens and responds to the needs of the student. My daughter always says that Dina plans the sessions for her beforehand (designed around where she might have struggled at school/in tests) and provides her homework so that she has a personalised experience. During the sessions she wastes no time, they are all cram packed. Dina has built up a rapport, my daughter respects her professionalism and knowledge. She feels her time with Dina is extremely worthwhile and feels it is essential part of her readiness for her Maths GCSE this year. "

Eve S, Year 11 – London (online), Vikki S (mother)

"So grateful to Dina, without her help I seriously doubt that my daughter woukd have ever passed her GCSE exam."

Wendalyn W, Year 11 – Alvaston, Derby, Robert W (father)

"I am so glad that I came across Dina who taught GCSE Maths for my daughter. She is very patient and able to understand the needs of each individual. As my daughter’s results are out, I can’t believe how she got 8 (A*) in Maths. A big thanks to Dina and would recommend her as a good teacher."

Priya D, Year 11 – Mickleover, Derby, Regis J (mother)

"Tuition so far has been outstanding. Lucy has improved more in her Maths since having Dina in September than her entire time at Primary school. Lucy’s confidence has grown so much. Dina has made Lucy believe in herself and start enjoying Maths. Dina is always punctual and very reliable. Lucy will put her hand up at school now in her Maths lessons and answer a question, something she has never done. This is purely down to Dina’s teaching methods!"

Lucy Bell year 8 – Hilton, Angela (mother)

"We are very pleased with the tuition received. Hannah’s massive jump in attainment is proof that it’s working. The idea of using online games along with paper work seems to work well for Hannah. We got Hannah’s end of year Maths result, she got a 5A, only a couple of marks off a 6. No one in her class got higher than level 5. She beat her progress target that was set in Sept so very pleased."

Hannah M, Year 8 , - Hilton, Lynne M (mother)

"Ms Grimes taught my daughter GCSE maths as an accompaniment to her school education and GCSE examinations. I found Ms Grimes to be professional and patient. She was also punctual and efficient in her time spent teaching. My daughter, who was nervous of receiving extra tuition at first, enjoyed the lesson and found Ms Grimes very easy to get along with. My daughter was also impressed with Ms Grimes’ teaching methods and I could see her confidence in Mathematics growing weekly, with the extra tuition. I would recommend Ms Grimes to anyone who needs that little extra help with mathematics. Having struggled at first with Maths and having no confidence with it at all to start with, she had gone on to not only being confident, but to having brilliant result in her GCSE exam!"

Laura B year 11 F – Willington, Angela mum

"Hannah’s confidence in Maths has improved significantly and she is not threatened now with topics such as algebra or solving equations. Dina has a gentle reassuring approach to teaching."

Hannah L, Year 11 – Allestree, Derby, Tony L (father)

"I want to thank you for helping my son get a B in the Common Entrance which is very hard to get in this kind of exam. Thank you so much."

Charlie W Year 8 – Repton, Claire W (mother)

"Many thanks for the tuition you gave Megan re her maths. Megan and I feel that she has gained confidence and understanding through your teaching and upon a meeting with her Maths teacher at school he was impressed at how easy Megan understood the higher algebra. This is all thanks to you. I am sure with the foundations you have implemented that Megan will continue to grow in confidence and I would have no hesitation in calling you on your services again if the need arises."

Megan B, Year 11 – Chaddesden, Derby Sharon L (mother)

"We had Dina before Laura’s GCSE exams and she was brilliant! Dina was very friendly and immediately put Laura at ease. She tested Laura to see what grade she was working at and then targeted her to work at a slightly higher grade. After 6 weeks Laura was confidently working on higher level papers rather than foundation level. We were very happy with the service she provided and was well worth the money we pad. She gave Laura exam papers and additional material to work on to improve her grades. We will definitely use Dina again when our other children are approaching the GCSE maths. Having worked from foundation, Laura finally got the B grade she always wanted."

Laura F Year 11- Allestree, Derby, Ruth G (mother)

"Dina is an excellent tutor and her methods of teaching are very well planned and good. My son has come on so well since he started with Dina and I will recommend her to everyone! Excellent tutor!"

Matthew E, Year 11 - Mickleover, Derby, Dawn E (mother)

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