tutor writing on a white board

What Is Needed for Online Maths Tutoring?

You will need a laptop, PC, or iPad, and a good internet connection for your online Maths tuition. A headphone would be good to get rid of background noise, while a graphics tablet can be useful for ease of writing. If using an iPad, you can just use either a stylus pen or your finger.

How Do I Pay for Online Maths Tutoring?

You can either pay by PayPal or online banking (if the UK).

Are You a Qualified Teacher?

Yes, I am a qualified teacher, and I have a QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) which is required in England and Wales to work as a teacher of children in state schools. I also have a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) which is a higher education course in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland where graduates are trained to become teachers within maintained schools. I got my QTS and PGCE - Secondary Maths from the University of Nottingham. I also have a degree, Bachelor of Science with Honours in Mathematics (BSc (Hons) in Mathematics).

Do You Teach Maths Face-to-Face Too?

I have now fully converted to online tutoring only.

What Ages Do You Do Maths Tutoring For?

I teach pupils from Year 5, KS3, Entrance Exams 11+ and 13+, GCSE, IGCSE, AS/A Level (years 12,13), QTS, and Adult Numeracy.


What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

I will need a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. If you have to cancel a Maths lesson within 24 hours, I will have to charge you the full amount as it will be difficult for me to fill in that gap at such short notice.

Will Maths Homework Be Given?

Yes, as that will count towards your independent learning.

How Often Do We Need to Have A Lesson?

To be effective, I would suggest you should have at least one hour lesson every week. Less than this might not work as well. Feel free to book for more.

How Does Online Maths Tutoring Work?

First, I will give the pupil an initial assessment to pinpoint where possible gaps are. I will also have a chat with the pupil to understand where they feel they need more support. After this, I will create a learning programme that focuses on the topics where the pupil needs to improve on. We will then arrange to meet a minimum of once a week, where I will assess and measure the improvement the pupil has made throughout their tuition. We will be using zoom (zoom.us) as our video link. You will need to register with it. I will need your email address to send you an invite to connect. We will be using bitpaper (bitpaper.io) as our collaborative whiteboard. We will be able to write on this board at the same time just like a face-to-face session, except I won’t be with you in person.


How Much Do You Charge?

This is for online sessions. Travelling expenses will be added on top for face-to-face. As a general rule:

  • SATS (year 6): £45/Hour
  • KS3 (year 7-9): £45/Hour
  • GCSE/IGCSE (year 10-11): £45/Hour)
  • 11+, 13+ Entrance Exam: £45/Hour
  • A-levels, QTS, Adult: £50/Hour

Do You Tutor Maths throughout the Holidays?

Yes, I tutor throughout most of the holidays, except special holidays, and when I am away.

Contact me when you need an experienced Maths tutor to help your child.