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  • 29/07/2020 - Dina Grimes 0 Comments
    How to Make the Best of your Exam Day

    Exams are daunting times for exam takers. This blog will give you a guide on how to survive it!

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  • Exam
    29/07/2020 - Dina Grimes 0 Comments
    How to Revise Effectively for an Exam

    Can you give us advice on how to revise effectively please? This is a common question amongst parents and pupils themselves who are about to take their exams.

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  • 30/06/2020 - Dina Grimes 0 Comments
    How Tutoring Maths Became My Passion

    Ever wondered why Mathematics teachers / tutors become so passionate about what they do? Maths isn't everyone's cup of tea. In fact, it is one if not the most disliked subject in school. So how did this subject became my passion?

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